Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rock 'N' Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Well, I did it!  I finished my 3rd official half marathon!  This had to be one of the funnest races ever!

All of us girls had gotten a room together at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas.  That is actually the way to do it!  We were walking distance from the starting line.  There was no rush or panic to find parking on race day!

We set out Saturday and headed to the expo at the convention center.  Parking was a little crazy there and pricey.  We were hoping we followed all the rules and didn't come out with our tires locked!  It was a pretty great expo full of great vendors and free samples!  The Rock N Roll official race gear was super cute.  I could've bought one of everything!  There were several places for some awesome photos to be taken as well! 

My favorite part was getting to view all of the medals for the Rock N Roll tour!  It really makes me want the tour pass next year!  I want to run them all!

After the expo, we checked into our hotel and headed out for some carb loading at a nearby TGI Friday's!  Then enjoyed a rainy walk back to our hotel!  Thanks for the bad advice weather app! It's not going to rain they won't need your jacket they say.  Wrong!

At the hotel we enjoyed numerous elevator rides with great scenery, a lot of laughter, cappuccino, and some sweets to boot!
Flat Christi is ready for the race!
Race morning we walked to the start.  It was a little chilly so we were able to wait inside the train station and keep warm, and make one more bathroom stop before we ran! 

Corral 9 was where it all began!  For three of my friends, this was their first half!  I had done several of my long runs with them so I knew they were ready.  I was ready to pace them for a 2:30 finish.  This was a pace a little faster than their long runs had been, but I knew they all had it in them.

I had planned to average about an 11:27 pace for them.  We actually kept a quicker pace of around 11:00 for about the first 5 to 6 miles.  At around mile 5 we took our first GU for fuel.  After the first fuel, a couple of tummy's began to rumble so they decided a bathroom break was necessary.  Then around mile 9 to 10, another rumble.  If you've ever experienced an upset stomach during a race, you know that once it hits it doesn't really go away.  Thankfully, there were plenty of restrooms along the course in case of an emergency!

As I was waiting for them at mile 9, I check my phone and my girl Jilly had finished with a personal best of 1:57!! She's been my training partner and friend since my first marathon, and this was her day to PR!  All of our speedwork had paid off big time!!  It goes to show that when you train fast, you run fast!  We will continue to train and I plan to hopefully get a PR this year as well!

Now back to the race....I thankfully had no issues and just took an extra water break while we waited.  After mile nine we were able to continue on with no problems.  At times I felt like a slave driver but I wanted them to be super proud of their time, and I knew they would be disappointed if we missed our time goal.

I don't run for time in every race because I love to make running fun.  I love to stop and take selfies and just soak in the experience.  Since this was their first one, I wanted to get them the best time they could so we didn't make any stops for pictures along the course!  Other than the bathroom stops, these girls pushed hard!  Tummy aches and all!  I was so proud to be running beside them, and getting to witness their excitement at the finish was priceless!

I thought the course was great!  I loved the bridges most of all!  There were some steep hills that were tough around mile 10 and 12 but we pushed and never stopped!  They never walked a step unless we were getting a drink.  We just had not mastered the whole drink and run thing yet.  I tend to spill and choke instead!  There were great bands along the course as well.  I would've liked to have seen more though.  There were a few dead spots where we needed some music!

We ended up finishing in 2:40.  By my watch, had we not stopped at the restrooms we would have finished at 2:31.  It was still a great race!  We laughed, we cried, and we had a blast for 13.1 unforgettable miles! 
My favorite spot on the course!

The bling!!!

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Artney said...

Awesome recap!!! I hope to run a Rock N Roll race between now and this time next year. It's nice to have a group of friends to share this awesome journey with! And look at you...I wish I had you to pace me! Great job, girls!!!


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