Monday, April 6, 2015

Meal Prepping has Begun!

And so it begins!  I have been wanting to meal prep for so long but it always looked so time consuming, messy, and to simply put it....I was lazy.  So after reading an awesome blog post over at My Pretty Brown, I had to text Artney to get the low down on where to start!  Check out her post and her amazing blog!  Artney and I met at Disney when we both ran our first Disney Marathon!  To say she is amazing is an understatement.  I adore her and our friendship! 

First of all, she introduced me to Aldi.  You can get great deals there! If you have one in your area, you must shop there!  I also found some bulk items at Costco.  I had intentions of cooking more meat to prepare meals for Joey and myself but he's been battling a severe stomach virus and wasn't sure he'd be able to eat much, so this week I just prepared for myself. 

I started with the vegetables.  As a child I always thought brussel sprouts and asparagus were dis.gus.ting.  I thought the same thing about most vegetables, including Avocados which I am now addicted to. 

So to begin... I washed and cut up the vegetables and put them on the pan.  Be sure to put foil over your pan....less to clean up!  Then I brushed them with olive oil and a garlic and sea salt seasoning.  I placed them in the oven on 375 until they were cooked enough for my liking.  I like them a little crispy.  They turned out deliciously amazing!!!

My beautiful daughter was my helper for the day, and she helped prepare turkey meatballs!  I had big plans to grill some chicken and salmon also, but my sickly husband and Easter plans limited my time last night!  For the turkey balls, Bre chopped up green bell peppers, and I also added some chopped asparagus to them.  I used 2 lbs of turkey meat, 4 eggs, 1 whole bell pepper, a small bundle of asparagus ( approximately 4), chopped onion and seasoning.  Very simple.  I found several recipes on Pinterest and just tweaked them to what I liked.  I cooked them on 375 for approximately 20 minutes.  This made plenty of protein for me as well as some to put back for dinner.  We even snacked on a few and they were a hit!  I used a kitchen scale to measure ounces and packed around 3-4 ounces of protein in each lunch.

Sorry my recipes seem a little unorganized and I didn't take enough pictures!!  I feel like my grandmother who just throws in a little of this and a little of that sometimes!  She owned her own cafe which was very popular in our little town before she retired, and it always worked out well for her! ;)

I can't forget the eggs!  I'm a lover of boiled eggs.  They make a great snack!  Some days I will pack these for lunch instead of chicken or fish. 

I am a newby at this and I am very excited to learn more!  Please share any ideas you have via email or in the comments!! I can't wait to try new things!!


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