Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our RunDisney Happenings!

We are well into our last month of school finally and the days and nights have been busy!  After taking a week off from running, I am now back at it this week!  two weekends ago I was moving a table in the backyard, with flip flops on, and the bottom of the table pulled my toenail up.  Half of the toenail on my big toe is now detached and very painful to say the least.  I couldn't wear tennis shoe's for days.  This week it's feeling much better.  It's tender to touch and will bleed a small amount after a run but taking off another week is just out of the question.  I didn't realize how much running has affected my moods, and my physical body on a daily basis.  During the time off I was extremely tired and groggy in the afternoons.  I'm so glad to be back at it this week.

On a magical note, Bre and I are counting down the days until our first trip to Disneyland!  She and I will be heading to run the Dumbo Double Dare and having an awesome Mother/Daughter weekend by ourselves.  Joey has decided to stay back with kids.  We've decided that dragging them to a race-cation wouldn't be the ideal trip for them so we've planned a vacation with the kids to head to Disney World instead.  I am planning for them to join me for a marathon weekend sometime in the future.  Most likely 2017 when Bre is able to run the marathon and join me for the Dopey Challenge.  For the 2016 Dopey it will just be Joey and I and I'm already looking forward to it!  Our trip to Disney alone was just amazing and I honestly have no desire to go anywhere else.  Disney is just our thing, and we are all ok with that!

Bre and I started our training for Dumbo on May 1st.  My training is a little more advanced so I do add some extra days, and extra miles to mine, but for the most part Bre is getting in 2 training days during the week and a long run on the weekend.  Later she'll add another run on the weekend also.  It's going great and she is doing great!  I'm sure she gets tired of me pushing her at times, but I know her potential and what she's capable of.  When she gets tired and doubtful is when she needs to push a little harder.  She often will, but there are honestly times when she's ready to quit and I don't let her. :) I have to remind her that she is COLTSTRONG!  We push through the pain, the aches, the tiredness and we finish the race.   Bless....What would she do without me?  I frustrate her, we argue, she gets mad, but she's not quitter!  I'm hoping she will run this race and fall in love with these Disney races just like I have!  The thought of her crossing the finish line of her first Disney race excites me and even makes me a little tearful to think about.  I can't wait to see her!  It really will be a special weekend for us!

So to kick off our training for Bre's first Disney Challenge Race here is my beautiful princess all dressed up for her very first Prom! I did try to get her to go with a Cinderalla gown but she didn't go for it!  Does she not make a beautiful princess?


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