Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My son

What a huge responsibility it is to raise a boy.  We are raising a little man that will someday have a wife, and children that he will need to respect, adore, cherish and love with all he has.  Are we showing him how to be a team?  Are we showing him how to love, respect, and protect, even during our trials and struggles?  Can you see, Luke, how your Daddy respects and protects us?  How he still after almost 2 decades of marriage loves me with everything he has?

Guard your heart son.  Guard your mind.  Always put your family first.  Be a leader and don't let anyone tell you different.  Don't let this world strip you of your manhood.  Don't let it transform you, and cause you to be anything less than what God has intended for you.

I know you aren't mine.  You are HIS, and HE lent you to me, to us, and HE expects great things from your Daddy and I.  It was such a surprise to us when we found out we were pregnant with you.  Your brother, Colt, was so sick and we thought...God, what are you doing?  Who knew you were just what we were going to need to get through his illness, his death.  Who knew you were just what Colt needed to continue the fight.  An amazing little brother to love and cherish always.  You had the best brother.  I wish I could've seen you two as adults together.  I can promise you he would've always been by your side and would never hurt you.  Brothers don't do that.  You may not know it, but you were just what Bre needed too.  And look at you now, our little man of the house!

Life can be so hard.  You will see things that will change you forever, but don't let those things change your heart, or alter your faith.  Don't ever sit still and don't ever sit quiet!  Get dirty, be noisy!  Don't be afraid to make a mess, or push the limits!  Be a boy!

I pray you turn out just like your Daddy.  The example he has set for you....follow it!  Do you have any idea how blessed you are to have him as an example?  :)  I, as your mother, breathe a little easier knowing I have an amazing man by my side raising you.

Also, remember that we will not always do it the right way, we will fail you....but HE will not.  All the battles, the trials, the tests...they will make you stronger.  When you're home, look around.  The people in this room, they are the ones that are the most important.  Love well my son... And always be ColtStrong

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