Friday, November 27, 2015

Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare

Over Labor Day weekend, my oldest daughter and I flew to California to run the Dumbo Double Dare.  The Disneyland half would also be my final leg of the Coast to Coast Challenge.  Disneyland parks are very small compared to Disney World so I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect, but I knew it would be amazing because it's Run Disney!

Bre and I flew in Friday.  After our flight and travel to Anaheim we didn't get into the park until around 4:30.  Our first stop was the expo to pick up our packets.  I think because I was so frazzled by the traveling and rushing I ran off and left the waivers in the hotel room.  Thankfully the expo provided a way to reprint those.  We didn't get a chance to look around the expo because we were meeting up with some friends downtown around 5:30.  Downtown Disney was our next stop.  Thankfully it was a short walk from the Expo.

My favorite part about running Disney races is I get to see some of my favorite people!  The meetup was huge and we met so many new people and were also able to reconnect with so many familiar faces!  I was so happy to see Artney!  I love our friendship!  She is truly amazing and such an inspiration to so many!  I love her to pieces and treasure our friendship!  I can't wait to see her again soon!  I was also able to see Jen, my super sweet friend who loves cupcakes!  Jen will always be special to me as well.  She was there for my first Disney marathon, and helped me finish #ColtStrong.  These ladies are lifelong friends I will always cherish!  I loved that they were also able to meet Bre!

After the meetup, Bre and I headed to Disneyland where we spent the evening shopping and riding rides.  After shutting down the park, we got a few hours of sleep before we were up at 3:15 and headed to the starting line.

The 10k had a villain theme, which I loved!  The entire raced kicked off with a villain start by the evil queen herself!  Running through the park, we ran into characters like Brer Bear and Brer Fox, Lots-O from Toy Story, Lady Tremaine, the evil queen, and several more!  This was the first leg of the challenge and also Breanna's first Disney race.  I think she fell in love with Run Disney at this point.  There is just no other race like Disney races.  The fact that they have the most amazing medals is a plus!

After the 10k we headed back to our hotel, we stayed at the Marriot Suites, and we ate an amazing buffet breakfast!  After breakfast we both crashed.  That afternoon we had a lunch date with Goofy at Goofy's kitchen.  It was also buffet and was soooo good!  I can never turn down Mickey waffles!

We spent the rest of the evening riding a few rides and doing more shopping!  I was so exhausted so we headed in early that evening.  As much as I wanted to shut the park down again, I couldn't do it.  The parks were super crowded with it being labor day weekend and race weekend.  The line just to get a drink was super long.  Bre and I headed back and I believe we were both asleep by 8:00.

3:15 came very early!  We were both pretty excited about the half marathon and were so ready to hold all those medals in our hands.  I think we were both just ready to be at the finish line!  The first 4 miles were inside the parks, and we stopped for the character photos, but my favorite part was running by the World of Color.  The fountains were going and all lit up and it was just beautiful!  Cars land was also a favorite!  On mile 5 we headed out into Anaheim.  Seeing the sunrise over the mountains was stunning!  The streets of Anaheim were lined with bands, cheerleaders, dancers, and probably every antique, fast, hot rod car ever made! Seriously, the cars went on forever.  Another favorite of mine was running through Angels stadium.  I'm such a baseball fan, and I knew they were playing the Texas Rangers that afternoon and was hoping to catch a glimpse of my favorite guys but no such luck!  It was still amazing and the stands were packed with cheering spectators which made it even that much more amazing!  After leaving the stadium we were in the final 5k of the race.  The cheering gave us that boost of energy we needed to finish strong!

Then there was the finish line!  Bre and I had just finished our first Disney Challenge together.  We were so excited about the experience and so excited that we were done!  It was now time to gather our bags and head home to Texas. :)

The trip itself was so quick and I often felt extremely rushed and tired. The Disneyland half course was by far the best half I've ever ran!  The course was absolutely amazing!  I loved getting to run through Anaheim.  It was an amazing, unique experience.  I think I was just so exhausted.  The travel issues we had, from waiting on buses, trying to figure out how to get around, delayed flights, the crowded park, rushing through the expo,  and forgetting my waivers, just seem to overwhelm me a little and I don't feel like I was able to enjoy myself as much as I had anticipated. I believe I was a nervous wreck the entire weekend!  Disneyland was beautiful though.  I would love to go back and visit during a less crowded time when I can actually soak it all in.  So, I'm definitely seeing another Coast to Coast in the future!


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