Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Happy Birthday!

 I just want to wish this handsome guy a Happy Birthday!  The most amazing man I know!  And for some reason when I go shopping for his birthday I always find so many gifts for myself! Ha!  His birthdays are always really expensive, but he's worth it! ;)

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Cowtown Half...where the hills are alive!

For my 6th half marathon I returned to Fort Worth, TX for The Cowtown!  This is where J and I ran our first marathon.  That day was brutal, but also amazing!  The hills kicked our tail.  I have to say the half was no different! 

I had to hit the expo after work that Friday before.  I barely made it in time!  So we made a quick sweep through the expo, picked up some gu for race day then headed to eat some awesome steak in Fort Worth.  I'm sorry but Texas and Fort Worth know how to do steak!
I went into this race with no time goal.  I just wanted to run with L and have a great time!  This was her 2nd half marathon.  Neither of us really had a time goal.  We knew Cowtown was a tough course, and we just wanted to cross the finish line and own those spurs!

To give you an idea of the hills we faced....This is the hill we climb on mile 9.  The Main St. bridge....It's actually nearly an entire mile long.  Just when you think you've reached the top, you take a right turn and continue to climb!  We took it like a champ!

When you run because you enjoy running, then you can stop and say hi to dancing cows!  These guys from chick filet were getting down!   It's funny because I'm used to running Disney and enjoying the characters and taking selfies, but I think L and I were the only ones who stopped!  Who wouldn't stop for these cuties?! 

My favorite part of the race was running through the Stockyards!  The roads through there are brick, which makes it a little difficult, but there's much to see, and smell.  We saw a funnel cake stand, but they weren't cooking funnel cakes.  Would that not have been the perfect fuel to get us up mile 9?  My taste buds were disappointed as was my tummy!  The road was splattered with cow patties, yes cow poop.  They actually still run the cows through the stockyards.  We were dodging that!  The smell will remind you of a rodeo!  It was awesome!

L and I actually finished with a great time considering our photo breaks and drink stops!  What matters most is that we had a great time!  We earned our spurs and made those hills know what!  We had 6 other friends running that day. Some of them had time goals, and all 6 of them did amazing! 

Then as I was leaving the finish line shirt pickup, I come face to face with none other than Jeff Galloway!  I knew he was running that day, but didn't really expect to see.  I stopped him and asked for a photo, and he was kind enough to smile and pose for a photo. :) Definitely made my day!

Oh and I can't forget the after meal!  I stopped in uptown and ate a Mexican buffet with endless mimosas!  The food was some of the best I've eaten!  Absolutely amazing!  Stuffed my face and enjoyed every single minute of it! 

I loved this course and plan to go back next year!  Not to mention the awesome medal!  This Texas girl can't turn down these spurs!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our Laid Back Spring Break Staycation

Well hello blog world!  I always have great intentions to blog more, but life sometimes gets so busy!  It's hard to sit down on my laptop these days.

It's spring break this week and I'm a night owl when I don't have to work so I'm busting out the laptop for a little blog post!  I still have some race recaps I'm severely behind on!  Wow, currently just had a spider crawl across my screen.  Ok, back to blogging.... I will soon update with a Dopey challenge recap and a Cowtown half recap.  But for now, just a little recap on current events

This week the kids and I have been out of school for spring break.  We've just had a little staycation and hung out at home. 
 This is pretty much how my week has been and I've loved every minute!  There's nothing better than actually having nothing to do!  We get up and simply do whatever we want to do.  I've finally finished the entire season of Fuller House!  You need to watch it if you haven't! Hilarious!

 The girls and I did a little shopping this week also!  We went and picked out flowers for Colt's gravesite.  Of course we had to go with bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes!  It's spring in Texas!  We are planning to take those out Friday! 

I my have slacked on a few things this week, but I haven't slacked on my running!  Completed 9.5 miles on Sunday, a 5k on Monday, and 6 miles on Tuesday.  Today was a rest/crosstrain day so I just did 30 minutes of total body sculpt followed by about 20 minutes of core.  I'll be running the Rock n Roll half marathon this Sunday, then another half in about 3 weeks! 

I've done a complete 360 on the foods I eat! Since about October I have lost close to 13 pounds.  I actually don't think I've been at this weight since I was in high school.  I do think I've lost some muscle tone so I'm trying to be consistent on strength training.  I've consistently been a runner for the last 3 years, but I've still gone up and down with weight and eating right.  It just truly goes to show that you can't outrun a bad diet.  I began taking a weight loss specialist class and it really opened my eyes about my diet and what I was eating.  You can't just run and exercise with the mindset that you can eat whatever you want.  It just doesn't work that way!

 The picture below is from today.  I didn't realize the writing went right over Luci's face.  We took the kids out today and rode around Colts Wish on the ranger.  We did a little mudding and then got busted by Grandad!  He doesn't like us rutting up his pasture!  We couldn't resist though! 
Thankfully it's only hump day!  We have several more days of playtime and relaxation!  Tomorrow we're hitting up the movie theater for a little Zootopia!  I'm just as excited as the kids are about seeing it!  We are Disney fanatics through and through!  

We'll finish out this week making memories from right here at home!  Doing more of what makes us happy!  Happy Spring Break! 


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