Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amazing Grass is pretty amazing!

This picture below was my last really long run before Chicago Marathon.  I had been training for this race since the end of January.  Putting in so many miles of speed work, easy runs, tempo runs, hill sprints, track workouts, and long runs every weekend. 

I thought I was doing everything right!  I would do strength training about twice a week, core work a few times a week, stretching and rolling.  As the miles increased I began to notice how fatigued I was getting.  I thought it was just due to the fact that I was running almost 200 miles a month. I began to slack on strength training.  I always kept the hard days hard and the easy days easy, but I began to feel so tired that I would just skip my strength training.  I also didn't realize that I was slacking on nutrition.  Once I started tracking my food I realized that on some days I was barely getting in 1200 calories and when you're burning around 1000 per run or more where does that leave your body?  You're unable to rebuild and recover.  Your body begins to pull nutrients from other places like your bones and those areas begin to weaken. 
I suffered a stress fracture during that last run on September 17th.  I'm sure that bone was already under stress and weakening.  I had a stress reaction on my shin back in June on the same leg.  I'm not so sure that it wasn't fractured also.  It took around 6 weeks before I was able to run comfortably on it again.  I didn't get to run Chicago and I'm currently working on strengthen other areas to prevent this from happening again!  First and foremost my nutrition!

I say all this to say that during these last couple of months I have began to pay close attention to my nutrition.  I was asked to review Amazing Grass effervescent and they've made a huge difference.  I'm really bad at getting in the amount of vegetables I need.  I'm a work in progress!  These effervescent are an easy and delicious way to get in your daily dose of greens. They are made with an organic blend of alkalizing greens including wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa.  Plus blend of over 30 antioxidant-rich superfoods.  They also support a healthy immune system.  Since I've began adding these to my diet I've noticed an extreme increase in energy as well.  I was given the lemon-lime flavor and also the berry flavor.  The berry is my absolute favorite!  I just slip it into my water and there I have my Greens on the go! I could not have asked for a better time to for these to land in my mailbox!!  Please use this link to find out more and order your own!

Is this not the cutest travel bottle also!  Sporting my favorite city!! Get your travel bottle here!

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