Monday, February 12, 2018

Hot Chocolate 15K Dallas

This past Sunday I ran my 4th Hot Chocolate race.  It was my 3rd time to run the 15k.  I love this race, although it always falls on some of the coldest days!  This year it wasn't quite as bad as previous years as far as temperatures go!  I remember driving over one year and it was sleeting!  This year I think the temps were in the 40s which was actually pretty good.

For this years race I only had about 1 week of workouts prior to running.  I had been building and increasing mileage but I hadn't done any speed work work or goal pace runs so I wasn't real sure what pace I could hold going into this.  For that reason, my plan was not to PR, but to just maintain my pace and run a good, steady, consistent race.  This course contains a lot of hills, and in previous years I would tend to bonk on those hills so I had a goal to conquer those without slowing much.  My long run for the day was 1:20 so my hope was to finish around that time which was about a minute over my course PR.  So technically I wasn't there to race, but I did have a plan.

When we arrived that morning I had planned to meet up with some of the other bibrave Pros for a quick photo, but the we hit some major traffic.  We were there by 7am, but it would be about 8:00 before I arrived at gear check!  I think I ran an extra 2 miles from where we had to park!  Gear check went smoothly though and I was out the door in just enough time to take a quick bathroom break and get into my corral! Within 5 minutes we were starting!

The race went great!  There were plenty of water and electrolyte stops on the course and I was so thankful they were serving up my favorite thing to drink...Nuun Hydration!  So much better than the typical Gatorade or powerade.  They also had some chocolate on the course.  I passed on the sweets during the race though.  I knew the good stuff was waiting at the finish line!

I kept my pace pretty conservative.  I knew the big hill was coming between mile markers 8 and 9.  I hit that hill with ease.  It did feel like I was crawling in place, but my mile split never waivered!  I was so pleased with how I executed that!  After the big hill you're headed towards the finish line!  I crossed the finish this year at a time of 1:20:09.  Perfect finish and medal around my neck!  I love the chocolate bar medals!  1st stop was the hot chocolate and the treat bowl!  That chocolate fondue is delicious and well earned!

This race is just so much fun!  The atmosphere is amazing, and the swag is a nice perk!  If you're looking for race you need to run this one!  You can race it, use it for a long run or just go and have a 9 mile block party with your friends! Registration is now open for 2019 and prices will increase soon so snag this race entry up now!

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