Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Running the Alamo 13.1

I was so excited to get the opportunity to run the Alamo half!  My very first half marathon was in San Antonio and I couldn't wait to go back.  This time I would get to run a much more scenic route through town.  The course took us in front of the Alamo and beside the River Walk and those two alone had me sold!

Everything about this race was pretty great!  The expo went smooth and was walking distance from our hotel.  It was a small expo, but still had some great vendors including Nuun which is my favorite on course hydration.  There were also games and things for my kids to do so we really enjoyed it as a family.

On the morning of the race I was up early to eat my breakfast.  For me that consists of coffee first, oatmeal, and a banana.  I will also drink water with nuun, and for bigger races I'll often include a starbucks double shot!  After breakfast I headed to the start line.  I did a one mile warmup through town to test out my quad. A few weeks before this race I strained a quad muscle in my left leg and I was so worried about it.  It was thankfully feeling great!

I got to the start line, met up with some friends and took some pictures in front of the Alamo.  Then I figured I would get one last potty break before the start.  Wow! The lines were sooooo long!  After I finally made it through I had to jump the fence to get with my pacer as the canon was going off! I barely made it!  Then I realized that I had forgotten my sunglasses and this just threw me off.

So the race has started!  I'm fumbling my headphones and music because I was so rushed getting into the start corral.  I finally got everything situated and then focused on my pace.  I settled into about an 8:30 pace and tried hard to hold onto that as long as I could.  I passed a friend coming back from the turn around at about mile 5.  He yelled to me to back off the pace.  I guess he could see the fatigue in my face.  The temps were high, and the humidity and due were high so trying to run a PR was just out of the picture.  That's just something you will commonly face in Texas...So I backed off the pace by mile 7 and just ran comfortably to the finish line with a time of 1:53.

I personally loved this race and course and look forward to running it again next year!  I love the beautiful town of San Antonio!  Always have!  If you haven't ran this race I highly recommend it...and the medal!  I can't forget the medal!  It is one of my favorites!  Big and Beautiful!

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