Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Game Changer for Recovery ...CTMBand

Disclaimer: I received a CTM Band to review as part of being a Bibrave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a bibrave pro ambassador, and check out to review and write race reviews.  

In September of last year on my last long run before Chicago Marathon, I fractured my foot.  I didn't fall, trip, or anything.  I just felt instant pain around mile 18 of a 22 mile run.  I had been training all year and had put all my focus into this training.  What I didn't focus on was recovery.  I failed at nutrition, I failed at stretching and myofascial release, I failed at running easy days easy, and I failed at resting.  So coming into this new cycle and preparing for CIM I'm doing things quite differently!  

Today I just want to get into my stretching and myofascial release routines!  When I was allowed to review the CTM Band I was very excited.  I had seen others posting about this band online.  At the time, I was having some pain in my quad and had just began training with a new coach as well.  I began using the CTM Band after my quality sessions and long runs.  It's during those runs that I will notice the most tightness in my muscles.  At first I was using it mostly on the quads because that's where I was having the most trouble.  I noticed a remarkable improvement!  It wasn't long and the quad pain was completely gone.  I now use the band on my quads, hamstrings, calves, and also on the bottom of my feet to stave off Plantar Fasciitis.

What is the CTM Band?  The CTM Band is a new and innovative myofascial release tool used to treat muscle/joint immobility and pain. It's very simple to use.  You simply wrap the band around the area you want to treat, and stretch for 2 minutes!  So easy and so effective!  If you're ready to stay healthy and injury free you've got to try this!  You won't regret it!  

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