Friday, February 15, 2019

Hot Chocolate 15k 2019!

I recieved a race registration for The Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k Dallas to review as part of being a Bibrave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro and check out to review, find, and write race reviews

The Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k is one of my favorite races!  I love kicking off the new year running this race with friends!  This is my 4th year running and it keeps getting better year after year!

They host an awesome expo for a distance less than a half marathon, and you can sample the hot chocolate while there.  I think they make the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted!  Picking up your bib is also super simple!  You can get your bib in any line because they print off your info and stick it right on the bib.  Also, if you're unable to pick up your bib they do offer to mail your packet for a fee of $15.  I think it's a great offer for those that live out of town or who have rigid work schedules. 

I've grown to love this course.  The first half is a slight uphill climb.  It's not too difficult though, and its followed by a nice downhill to the finish line.  There is one slight hill on the back half of the race, but all the downhill makes up for it! If you're wanting to negative split a race, this is one for you! 

Lets talk about race swag!  One of the reasons I love this race is the awesome jackets!  I still have all of my jackets from the previous years and wear them all the time.  You get the jacket whether you run the 15k or the 5k.  Although, if you run the 15k, you do get the awesome chocolate shaped medal!  The swag doesn't stop here though!  Once you cross the finish line you make your way to the hot chocolate!  You get an awesome cup of the best hot chocolate and a plastic bowl full of melted chocolate, marshmallows, rice krispie treat, banana, and a few other treats for your dipping pleasure!  This is definitely reason enough for me to sign up year after year!

Year after year I run this race, and I don't like missing it!  It's one of the best!  There's a reason why I keep coming back.  The race is so fun!  I also love to make it a family affair if weather permitting.  It's such a fun atmosphere!  I can't recommend this race enough!  My recommendation is get online and sign up today while prices are low!  I will see you there next year!

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