Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April races!

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Wonder Wonder 5K Dallas as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro, and check out bibrave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

It's been such a great couple of months getting back into running.  I took a month off and it was the best thing!  After my stress fracture I developed a pretty bad weakness in my right leg. Anytime I tried to ramp up the training or speed work I would get horrible inflammation in my shin that would sometimes last months.  A knot would even develop with heat and pain.  Then came a severe case of plantar fasciitis.  It was so bad I would have throbbing pain and could barely walk after running.  After CIM and then the 3M half, my body just felt wrecked.  I was hurting, having stomach issues that I didn't realize was affecting my energy levels, bones, and overall health. 

Over that month off I put a lot of focus into eliminating the foods that were causing my stomach issues.  I quit eating processed foods, refined flours, and cut back on gluten and dairy as well.  Things are finally looking up.  I started back running 15 minutes at a time.  Not because that's where my fitness was but so that my body had to time to adjust to the stress and to make sure that nothing flared up!  I am now up to running an hour multiple times a week.  I'm training 6 days a week, one biking day, and one full rest day. 

This month I'm running the skyline 10k in Dallas.  I've never ran this race and I'm very excited.  I'm not racing, but using it as a training run for a quality session. 

On the 28th,  I'm headed to run the Wonder Woman 5K!  This race is also a first for me and I'm so excited about it.  I have a couple friends joining me, and running this one for pure joy!  I may even walk a little.  I picked this race because who doesn't love Wonder Woman!  It's been such a tough couple of years of running for me, and I'm excited to get out there and just run for the pure joy of running.  This race is also taking place near the Rangers Ballpark, which is going to be an awesome course!  It's not too late to sign up!  If you want to join me please use "WWBIBRAVE" for 10% off registration!  I hope to see you there!


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